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Updated: May 2, 2022

I know, for many of you winter is not the time you think too much about your landscaping. However, may I suggest that it is a great opportunity to evaluate your property and see what changes you may want to make to improve your landscape.

An amazing landscape design requires that it is beautiful and functional for you and our wildlife friends at all times of the year. How is your winter landscape doing? Is it beautiful to look at? Are there trees and shrubs that provide shelter and sustenance for the birds and other creatures?

Some questions to ask yourself:

1. Where could you use more evergreens for winter interest?

2. Is there a barren spot to include a deciduous tree or shrub with interesting bark or branch structure?

3. What can you add to help out the wildlife in winter? An evergreen tree or shrub for shelter? A plant with berries for food?

4. Is there a good spot to add bird feeders?

5. What would you like to look at out your favorite viewing window?

Perhaps on a sunny day, bundle up, grab your drink of choice and head out to your yard for a walk around. Take some pictures and notes so in the spring when you want to make landscape changes you can remember what needed improvement in the winter.

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