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Yes you can raise chickens and ducks together. We have raised chickens and ducks together for years and there have been no problems. Although we have separate coops for the ducks and chickens, they can share a coop. The ducks will sleep on the ground and the chickens on the roosting bars. We only have separate coops due to space. Our first coop was small so we added another one when we got ducks. The chickens and ducks share the same run and intermingle when free-ranging the property.


One issue to watch out for is when you have a boy duck (drake) and a boy chicken (rooster) and they get territorial This is best dealt with by having plenty of girls of both species and lots of room to roam. We have never had a drake, only roosters, so we have not had this problem.

Also, you may be wondering, does the rooster bother the ducks - ever try to mate with the ducks? No, that has not been our experience and I think if he did, the ducks would quickly put an end to it. They are pretty tough and are not afraid to express their displeasure.

So if you want to add some ducks to your flock, don't fear that they won't get along. However, do note that ducks have different care needs so be sure to do your research beforehand.

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