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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

I know, why should you hire a landscape designer when you can get a landscape design for free from a landscaper? However, is it really free? We all know, nothing is free and in fact, the "free" landscape design is not actually without cost either monetarily or consequentially. And let's be honest, do you really think that design you receive from a landscaper is of no cost to you? It may not be a line item on the estimate, but it is rolled into the cost of the install and thus you are paying for it. And if you are paying for it, don't you think you should hire an expert? Still not convinced? Listed below are 5 reasons further explaining why you should hire a landscape designer for your next outdoor project.

1. Landscape designers and landscape installers have different specialties.

The roles of landscape designers and landscape installers (or simply landscapers) are very different. Landscape designers are experienced in the craft of creating functional and beautiful yard layouts and plantings. Landscapers on the other hand are specialists in buying, installing and maintaining the hardscapes and plants. Think of it this way - the designer is the architect of your vision and the landscaper is the builder. Would you trust a builder to design your home addition so why would you trust a landscaper with your backyard vision? The cost of landscaping is often as much or more than the cost of an addition on your home, so why leave it to chance in the hands of a landscaper without design expertise?


2. Landscape installers have no incentive to take the time required to create a landscape plan that meets all your needs and desires.

As the current landscape industry is structured, homeowners when requesting an estimate from a landscaper expect to receive a free design. However, can you blame a landscaper for not putting in much effort on your design when there is no guarantee that he will get paid? Why would he want to take the necessary time to conceive a well-thought-out, needs specific and creative landscape plan if he may not be hired and be paid for his time? He understandably would not and thus, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for - a basic, uninteresting and rushed design.

On the other hand, landscape designers, who take pride in their work, make it of utmost priority to listen to you and create a landscape plan that satisfies all of your functional needs and aesthetic desires. The designer will work with you, through several drafts, to make sure this is achieved and thus insuring you will enjoy your yard for many years.

3. If you hire a landscape designer, you will get a more creative design.

Most landscape installers simply do not have the time, education nor incentive to be very creative in their designs. They also are often biased towards certain plants based upon availability, cost and previous experience. As a result, landscapers rarely think outside of the box and you will end up with a yard that looks exactly like every other yard in your neighborhood. On the other hand, landscape designers as creatives enjoy the process of finding unique and special ways of addressing your needs and desires leading to a more exceptional, beautiful and creative landscape plan.

4. If you hire a landscape designer, you will save money.

Undoubtedly the biggest deterrent to someone hiring a landscape designer is the cost. What if I tell you that hiring a designer will actually save you money?

The beauty of hiring a landscape designer is that once your design is complete, the landscape plan is yours and not the property of a specific installer. Similar to when you get bids from builders for your home renovations, you can seek out estimates from several landscapers. Usually by doing so the cost of the designer and more can be saved simply by having the option to seek out a number of bids on the project.

In addition, a landscape designer will take great care to insure that each plant chosen not only looks good on day one, but will thrive under your soil and sun conditions and not outgrow the allotted space. How many times have you seen a landscape installed that looks nice initially, but a few years later is completely overgrown and unattractive? This is due to poor plant choice and results in you having to spend more money on replacing and maintaining those plants. A landscape designer instead insures that over time your landscape is sustainable and remains beautiful.


5. A landscape designer creates a cohesive plan that you can implement in stages with a landscaper or by yourself

Since a landscape plan from a designer is yours to keep, you have the option to do the project in stages as your budget allows. The designer can suggest the best way to install the plan piecemeal whereas a landscaper would likely want to do the whole project at once. Also, perhaps you enjoy installing your own plants or would like to have this option to save money. Since you own your landscape plan, you have the complete freedom to do the project at your own pace.

If you have more questions or think you are ready to move forward beautifying your landscape, then please don't hesitate to reach out to me. You can contact me and learn more about my landscape design business above under "About Me" or at

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