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I'm Lynda Bevere


hey there!

I am a former attorney turned landscape designer and garden writer.  We hear it all the time about how we should follow our passion, so I did it!  I went back to landscape design school and successfully turned my love of nature and over 20 years of gardening and backyard poultry experience into a business teaching homeowners how to design, maintain, appreciate and use their yards in a way that fosters wildlife habitats and has a positive impact on the environment.  My goal is to teach everyone how with small changes we can have a huge impact on the health of our planet.

Most days you can find me puttering around our yard tending to the gardens and orchard or visiting our farmyard friends.  I share my home in Green Village, NJ with my husband Dan, my daughters Julia and Susannah, 4 goats, a bunch of chickens and ducks and our pet rabbits.  Our property is my landscape laboratory. I am always learning something new.  You can trust that I am a landscape specialist who doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk everyday - right in my own backyard.

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